Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Southern California Workers’ Comp Lawyers

An accident at work or a job-related condition, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, can rob you of the ability to work and earn a living. Sometimes the disability can be temporary and a surgery or other medical treatment can get you back to work. In other cases, you may never be able to work at the same type of job again.

An injured employee has rights and we will help you protect them. The experienced workers’ comp attorneys of Caronna & Johnson, LLP are available to help you receive the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits, no matter how you were injured. For a free consultation and case evaluation, please contact our law firm today. From offices in Rancho Mirage, our workers’ comp attorneys represent injured workers throughout Southern California.

California workers’ comp benefits include:

  • Medical benefits. Reasonable care and treatment such as prescription medications, surgery, hospital services, nursing care, chiropractic care, dental care, physical therapy, hearing aid
  • Temporary Disability Pay. A portion of your weekly wages for those who have missed at least three days of work due to a work injury or illness
  • Permanent Disability. A lump sum award based on the severity and extent of your disability, which can be total or partial
  • Rehabilitation and Retraining. To help you resume your old job or train you for a new position or vocation
  • Death Benefits. For the members of the household of a worker who died from work-related causes

In all cases and at every level of appeal, our workers’ comp attorneys will work to maximize your benefits.

To learn more about workers’ compensation, please visit our workers’ comp information center or contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation. We represent injured workers on a contingency basis so you pay us nothing unless we win benefits for you.

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